A Busy First Day - Charm Beads (Pandora style)

I've had a busy first day. I'd like to offer a warm welcome to the people that have already opened an account or signed up for the newsletter. Don't forget to use your coupon!
I've spent the first day of being open doing what I've spent the last few days doing...and will likely spend the next week doing! Photographing products.
It amazes me how long it takes to get a photograph of a bead just right. I've found the perfect spot which is right under the sky light. However, living in England means clouds and rain...and a resulting dull light. 
Anyway, I've added another 15+ products today. The main collection was Charm Beads. They aren't Pandora beads but they are of that style. There are some wonderful beads in the collection and I have more to add. The lighting has got so bad that they will have to wait until tomorrow.
If you would like to check out the collection please click here or visit the Charm Beads section of the shop using the menu.
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